Literature Life

The Immortal Circus


I am in LOVE with this trilogy. It is dark and mysterious with a touch of comic relief and fairies. Amazing.

I first came across this series because a very good friend of mine wrote it and it is his first series to be published. I remember watching him in college work so hard on this series. He worked for years. He would write and write; then take a break. He finished college. He completed graduate school. And then all of a sudden it was like everything clicked and he knocked out the series, found a publisher and is becoming a huge success. All from an incredibly talented young man who grew up in a small town in Iowa.

These books have a little more meaning to me than they may for the average person. However, they are absolutely worth reading. The books follow the ever-changing life of young Vivienne after her memory was erased and she ran away to join the circus. The reader is with Vivienne as she discovers who she is, while being presented with obstacles far more complicated than a typical teenager. She falls in love. Homicide happens. And many secrets are revealed.

You will find yourself breezing through this series. I am quite a busy person and read the trilogy in a few weeks.

BONUS?: Each book is only $4 in the E-reader edition, and $8 in paperback!

Happy Reading!

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