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Adapting to the Flow

Its August. Woah. Time Flies.

I haven’t written for awhile and I sat down to write this evening in “middle of nowhere” Alabama, and saw that I not only have comments on some of my posts, but someone re-blogged one of my blogs! Amazing. I never thought when I started writing that people would actually be interested in what I have to blab about.

So THANK YOU blogger world. You are all a blessing.

This week is all about adapting to our lives. 

I am human and by default, a creature of habit. We all are; some more than others. Typically, we each have a routine from the manner in which we wake up, to getting to work, to preparing dinner. Routine can be as small as the route you drive to the grocery store. It can be as big as the order in which you get yourself ready to leave the house. In either instance, we all have tendencies. Familiar is comfortable. It makes us feel good.

So what happens when life forces us to change our routine?

Personally, I cry. I scream. I try to run for the hills. I make a pro/con list. I vent. And at some point, I face life and I make some adaptations.

This probably isn’t the healthiest of patterns. Even in adapting there is a routine! But its what I have done so far. I have been stuck in the crying/running for the hills area for a few weeks now, but I’m nudging myself into pros and cons. 

Life happens. It isn’t perfect. Recently someone I love said, “This wasn’t supposed to happen.” Whats supposed to? Says who? Society creates these parameters that we all magically follow. At 25, I think I’m supposed to be married. Maybe have kids. Thats what many of my high school classmates are doing. Good for them. I do want that. But is it okay that my life isn’t there yet? Absolutely. Is it okay that theirs are? Definitely. 

We are in charge of our own lives. Not society. Not our friends, or even our family. Of course their opinions matter. They care about us. But we are really the ones in control. We live the lives we choose, with the decisions we make. We choose to adapt. Or not. The world is constantly in motion.   Physiologically and psychologically. Societal intelligence is continually moving society forward. If we don’t learn to adapt, we may simply get lost in the shuffle. 

I know that in 30 years I don’t want to find myself wishing I had taken a different path. I want to go with the flow. Learn. Grow. Move on. Adapt. 

I can’t be upset about the paths I have chosen so far. They have gotten me to where I am. They have molded me in the person I have become. I am proud of that. All I can do is look forward. Move forward. Take the next step. 

As Cameron Diaz says in the latest chick flick I watched, “It’s gonna suck for awhile. But one day, it will suck a little less.”

Obviously, I am not saying that when life forces us to change, it always sucks. Sometimes its really exciting too. But I will say that the initial shock of any kind of change does suck. We are pushed into the unknown. And that can be scary. So, we choose to either run from our fears, or shape ourselves around them. Challenge ourselves.

Life is hard. Decisions are hard. But we make them. And one day, they don’t seem so hard anymore. We adapt.

In the end, everything works itself out. There are reasons our lives push and pull us in all kinds of directions. We just need to be open-minded and listen to these forces. 

Happy life-happenings. Smile. Go to Plan B. Or as my Aunt recently said…”sometimes you have to go to plan Z.” And that’s okay. Just try your best to enjoy each plan along the way.


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