My Zen · The Mollie Chronicles

Life is Evolving

With the new year and essentially a fresh start to my life, I have been doing a lot of re-evaluating.

What is truly important to me? Where and on what do i want to focus my time?

As we grow up, our lives evolve. I was always focused. Always working. Always carrying on to the next things. Always looking ahead…so much that I often missed what was right in front of me. I know that now. I am aware. And I often struggle with the thought. Something about our society and/or my own personal drive makes me feel like I have to constantly be working toward something. I don’t know what that is, but I have to actively tell myself its okay.

I’m okay if I don’t vacuum today. My photos will still need to be organized tomorrow. It is okay. I can breathe. I don’t have to be superwoman and accomplish 5,000 things each day.

What I do need is to enjoy the moments I have with my family. With my puppies. With my boyfriend. In 40 years when I tell my kids and grandkids about my life. That is what I want it to be about…the things in life that truly meant something to me; not how organized my kitchen was.

At the same time, this organizational thing is a struggle too. With the new year I am trying to be very particular about minimalism.

Don’t use it? Get rid of it. Find a new home for the shelf, table, etc.

Simplicity helps me stay calm. I following Nourishing Minimalism on facebook and the writer just posted an article that linked a cluttered household to depression. I get that. I can’t function in clutter. It makes me anxious.

Minimalism is good. So I guess I am trying to balance a few things. Life. My new life. My family. Minimizing while not losing valuable time on the important things….and figuring out what those things are.

The truth is…we can’t do everything. There must be sacrifice as our lives evolve. I have spent several years alone. I have only been concerned with myself. I studied. I worked. I went to yoga/gym/hiking. I kept myself too busy to make great friends and I definitely didn’t have time for a significant other.

Well…now I find myself with a significant other. Whom I love. So figuring this out is really important.

What can I give up? What will I be happy to sacrifice for more time spent with him and our pups?

So far it has been this blog, teaching fitness classes and going to the gym in general; but we are modifying. We workout together at home. It isn’t what I am used to, but that doesn’t mean it is ineffective. it saves time and it is something we can do together.

And I’m still ironing out the blog thing. Sometimes I just miss good old pen and paper….but this is nice to my fingers anyway…

Life will keep evolving. Always. 🙂

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