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Back to the Basics

I’m still uncertain where this blog is going. I was reviewing some older posts and I really enjoyed them. I thought…”who is this person who wrote these blogs?”

It was me.

Washington has now been home to me for 4 months. Up until now, it has been all about getting settled, furnishing our apartment, working out finances and schedules, and marking off all the things on our always-extensive to-do list. I realized today…we have done all those things. Which means I have more free time. And I am STOKED about that.

Last time I wrote I was really trying to consider what was important to me; how I wanted to spend my days. I’m still considering that. However, in the meantime I have all but hit the “reset” button. I have my day laid out to very basic/necessary things: work, walking the pups, cooking, keeping the house tidy and organized. That is all. I felt overwhelmed with the additional hobbies. I kept thinking that I should do this or that…and Lance kept reminding me that we were still getting settled; I would have time. I love that man. Most days he is my voice of reason and logic.

He was right though. I now find myself with more time each day than I have had in the past. So I’m re-introducing. I almost feel like I went on a diet and now I’m adding in the foods I cut out one-by-one. (I did do the Whole30 recently…perhaps more on that later). The past 2 weeks I re-introduced exercise. Its going really well. Even without a gym membership (in an avid attempt to pay off debt by any means possible) I am feeling good. I can do workouts at home. Even outside. Yes, hiking is a workout. And its a family outing. Two birds/one stone.

Surprise. I still have extra time each day. I can’t believe it, but last night, Lance and I actually went on a date. Bought groceries for the week and still had time to sit by our fireplace and do nothing but talk for a couple hours. It was so simple and it was wonderful. I don’t know why we all think we need to be exhausted and hard-working 100% of the time. Its not healthy.

I have mostly added reading back into my life and my next important thing is writing. I think that writing is a good outlet for anyone. It helps us work through thoughts and struggles. It allows us to document happenings in our lives, possibly for future reference. It is an important part of my life that I want to keep. The reason will figure itself out. For now, I’m just going to keep writing.

And change the name of my blog.

Because I’m eating meat again.

Happy Saturday. It is nearly 10 pm and I think we’ll finally make dinner. Because we can. Because its Saturday.

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