Healthy Food

My Whole30 Life

As if moving, starting a new job, moving in with my boyfriend, etc wasn’t enough to adjust to…Lance and I thought we’d do the Whole30.

Apparently its a pretty big deal right now. Someone thought…”you think eating a Paleo diet is tough? How about we make it harder.” 

I like that person. Or more particularly…people.

Dallas and Melissa Hartwig to be exact. They wrote the book, “It Starts With Food.” Highly Recommended.


Exhibit A. Above. Great Read. Even if you finish the book and think they have lost their marbles (I promise, you won’t). Its a great educational tool. I for sure need to read it again, but this isn’t just another diet book. I don’t believe diets are real. They are part of one’s lifestyle. At any rate, everything in the book is supported by science. A-HA! I love science. They discuss cortisol levels and leptin resistance. They talk about how our American society has changed the face of food and made it into this sort of preserved, chemical-ridden substance that people think is healthy. My words. Not theirs.

I won’t describe the in’s and out’s. What I will say is that I feel much better than I ever thought necessary. I curbed sugar cravings. I’m actually confident it was a full-blown addiction. I was eating chocolate when I woke up, after breakfast, after lunch, for an afternoon snack; basically anytime I felt a hunger pain. This was the deciding factor for me. I knew my chocolate habit was terrible and I thought there was no better way to stop it than to do this diet.

Remember this as you keep reading. I ate what felt like astronomical amounts of food and gained no weight. Like 3 eggs and a full plate of vegetables for breakfast- astronomical. Lance ate the same foods and lost 6 pounds.

The first week was awful. And then it got better. Sugar addiction is real. The body craves it. I had the worst headache and every little thing irritate me. Patience did not exist. But after that? Wonderful feelings. No more afternoon sugar cravings and crashes. No more headaches.

So we did the Whole30. We love cooking so we experimented with all kinds of unheard-of ingredients. We invested in a crock-pot. We started subbing cabbage and brussels sprouts for rice and noodles. It actually turned out to be really fun. Although, there was a lot more time spent in the kitchen than I think any average person spends. And our grocery budget went up significantly…especially since neither of us ate too much meat before this diet.

We still eat this way 95% of the time. We will “binge” if we go out to eat. I a couple pieces of bread. I’m also allowed chocolate and Lance is allowed beer. But we’ve kept everything else grain, dairy, soy and sugar-free. It’s amazing how much of a change I can feel in my body if I eat one of those items. I feel sluggish. Bloated. And surprisingly hungry.

After the diet we re-introduced other foods one at a time. Dairy…no go. I feel like most adults are lactose-intolerant to some degree. I felt excessively bloated and uncomfortable. And I adore cheese. So this is quite difficult.  We avoid grains simply because we don’t really want them anymore; and the same goes for sugar. My tolerance for sweet things has significantly decreased.

The change feels great. Looking back, I feel like I was missing some major  nutrients being a vegetarian. I never felt terrible, but I do feel healthier now. I don’t think I need to eat red meat once a day. We eat a lot of fish and buy only organic, grass-fed meats. Since I became a pescetarian for ethical reasons, this is the agreement Lance and I came to. I would start eating meat, but only if it was raised well. Lucky for us, there are a lot of local organic farmers around here. For the first time in my life I am actually considering purchasing half of a cow. Or a whole pig.

Times have changed.

When you find yourself bored/with free time/wanting to make a change/wanting to feel better. Read the book. See what you think. I will be re-reading it soon.

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