My Zen · The Mollie Chronicles

Dark, Cool Mornings

Most days, I am up before the sun.

Yes, on work days my alarm beeps at me at 4:45 AM.

But the other 4 days each week? I’m still up around 6 AM. No alarm needed.

Some people think I’ve lost it; even Lance, who is often snoozing right next to me. He finds me reading, writing, or cooking breakfast before his inner-alarm goes off.

There is something about snuggling up on a cool, dark morning with a book and a hot cup of coffee that soothes my need for peace and comfort. The world is quiet. I can hear myself thinking, uninterrupted. Sometimes, I sit in absolute silence, simply enjoying the vast nothingness.

I try my best to avoid technology and find that I am happiest on the days that I do. It sets the tone for my day. Just like starting the day with a solid breakfast, starting the day by stimulating my neurons with a good book promotes productivity and satisfaction.

I am a person who likes being productive. I have recently constructed a list of daily, weekly, monthly goals for myself. One of those is reading. Not 2 hours a day, but even for a few minutes; a few pages. I can accomplish this before my day truly starts; and feeling accomplished feels pretty solid.

This doesn’t happen everyday, even though I’d like it to; but it is something I strive towards:

Wake Up. Make Coffee. Read a few pages. Walk the dogs or take them to the park. Do a short yoga stretch. Eat breakfast. Not necessarily in that order, but most likely before the sun completely rises.

I am also a person that goes to bed rather early. I turn into a pumpkin about 10:15. Lance and I both get up early on workdays, so its easier for us to go to bed early too. Its routine. I like routine.

We try to be in bed by 9 pm. Doing whatever it is we want, but the house is clean, lunches are ready for the next day, dogs have been taken care of and the lights are low. We start calming our minds by avoiding tasks, to-do lists and serious talks. We are in the midst of a 30-day yoga challenge, so we often start with that. After, I like reading and having a cup of tea. Sometimes we watch a 20-minute sitcom. Sometimes we just talk. It doesn’t matter what we are doing, as long as we are winding down. Its a wonderful way to end the day. Even if we have had a very busy, very un-communicative, stressful day, we always have the 20-30 minutes at the end of each day to spend with one another.

Each day is different. Stressors and conflicts arise. Basically, life happens. But I find that when I stick to this routine, I feel better. I adapt better. And when I adapt better, I am also easier to be around. I think everyone is.

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