PNW Bucket List

I can’t say enough how relaxing it feels to wake up on a rainy Seattle morning, make some coffee and sit down to write with my pups at my side. It is dark. And quiet. And peaceful. It is finally closing in on summer weather around here. The past few days have been gorgeous. Sunny. Warm. A nice breeze. Perfect patio-sitting weather…if my apartment had a patio that was functional in size. I panicked a bit thinking about how summer is already here and we have it nearly booked already…and not with things that are necessarily on the top of our to-do lists. We have been talking about making the most of our time living in the Pacific Northwest. There is so much to see and do; its nearly impossible to do everything we want, but we are surely going to try. I guess we better get prepared to be fairly busy… So we sat down and made a PNW Bucket List

It includes adventures to:

  1. Mt. Rainier
  2. Port Townsend (Including Combo and the Dungeness Spit Refuge)
  3. Cannon Beach Rogue Brewery Newport, OR
  4. Glacier National Park
  5. North Cascade Rainforest
  6. Canada
  7. San Juan Islands
  8. Coeur D’alene
  9. Palouse Falls
  10. Snoqualmie Falls
  11. Whidbey Islands
  12. Cape Flattery
  13. Crater Lake
  14. Bend
  15. Pacific Rim Nat’l Park
  16. Hot Springs at Mt Hood
  17. Road Trip to Escondido, CA and the Stone Brewery

Through our conversation last night, I learned that it is incredibly difficulty to balance life, work, family and play at the same time. Spending time with family is sooo important to me; but it means sacrificing time to travel. I love my job, but that is a sacrifice for family time. Everything has to give a little and we need to accept that we are all doing the best that we can given our situations. I wish time didn’t go by so quickly. But it does. We have to learn to embrace it.           

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