*Smack*. Opportunity Here! #whendreamsbecomereal

There comes a time in our lives when opportunities all but slap us in the face. It’s as if they are saying, “HELLOOOOO!!! Don’t you see me over here? I’m free for the taking!”

It seems that when this happens, we are often oblivious. We get so caught up in “the future” that we forget to live now; we forget the steps we may have to take to get to the future. At the end of it all, we can’t really control where our lives will take us anyway…so ignoring life’s signals seems to be flat silly.

It is so important to listen to our bodies and our minds. There are so many things that we have instincts about. Gut-feelings, emotions, anxiety, etc. These feelings of excitement or unease..they are telling us each something. For each person that something is different, but it is something all the same. If we really take a step back, look at our lives from the perimeter and listen, we will find that there is so much to be heard.

I believe whole-heartedly in hard-work and putting forth the effort to achieve goals. I am not saying that if we sit back and listen we won’t have to do anything else. The world doesn’t do everything for us; it gives us signals. Opportunities. Signs. Directions. In the end, we make the choices. We choose to listen. Or not. We choose the path we find most desirable. Some choices are better than others, but each choice is subjective to the person making that choice.

Last week, I chose to listen.

When my life got hectic after our move to the PNW, I listened. I backed off of my other hobbies. I had to learn how to function in a new environment. I had a new job, new surroundings and had just moved in with Lance. There was a lot of adjusting to be had and other areas of my life took a hit.

Just a few weeks ago, I observed myself growing bored on my days off. Sure, I had household chores to do and I constantly have a “to-do” list, but I wanted more. I needed my hobbies back; specifically, teaching Zumba. I spent a couple of hours dancing around in my living room when I realized just how much I missed it. I didn’t think it was incredibly important to me. I thought I could let it go and move on to the next stage of my life.

I was wrong.

Dance, Zumba and Fitness have played an incredible role in my life for many years. I can’t just cut them out. They are like family to me. We go way back 🙂

So I applied for a few positions at local gyms. In the meantime, I started going to a yoga studio because of a Groupon buy. I just wanted yoga once a week or so. I missed it.

After just a couple of classes, I felt myself really enjoying being at the studio. I didn’t mind the 20 minute drive to class. I felt good there. I felt a sense of belonging.

One day after class, the instructor noticed my R.I.P.P.E.D. tank and Zumba pants. She immediately asked if I taught, told me I should teach at the studio and gave me the number of the owner. I was blindsided. I didn’t know what to say. I just knew that this could be the big opportunity I had been looking for. And at just the right time.

So after some discussion with the owner, I am happy to say that I am VERY excited to get started here. I will be working closely with a group of like-minded people. We are nurses. We believe in health and wellness. And we want to share that with others. I love inspiring others and helping them be and feel healthy.

Working in a facility where I can share my passion for health and wellness through fitness classes and mind-work with a whole body approach is one-step closer to my dream of having my own wellness center that does the same. In my mind, I want this facility attached to a clinic where I can have my own patients and also incorporate massage and chiropractic. That s my goal: a clinic that helps patients to be well. 

I am not sure where this adventure will take me, but that is half of the fun. It could be a stepping stone to my dream job. It could be a stepping stone to something else entirely. At this point, I have taken steps I never had the courage to before. I have decided to hold my own classes, where I have to carry my own insurance and have my own business name. I am a contractor. I will work closely with the studio, but also have autonomy related to my business. 

My Business. What a weird thing to hear.

There are so many paths this experience could take. I know there will be struggles and difficulties throughout the next few months with this new endeavor, but I have been given the tools for success and I can’t wait to get started.

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