Fitness: Fitting it In.

I love fitness. I also love my time. As does everyone else. Right?

So how do we fit it into our crazy-busy schedules? How does it become a priority? Especially on those days you have to leave the house at 630 AM for work and get home with just enough time to shove dinner into your mouth and catch some zz’s before starting all over again????

Deep breath.

I have a few recommendations.

1. Nevermind That Gym Thing

Who said that??

I did. I said that. When I first moved to Seattle, I needed to cut down on expenses. So, I cancelled my gym membership. It was definitely one of the things in my life I had a lot of trouble saying good-bye to. I have been going to gyms for probably 7 or 8 years? And before that, I was in high school, so I just worked out there. I enjoyed the environment, the classes, the motivation, the sense of community. I get it.

Giving up my membership made fitness a tad bit more difficult. Especially since we lived in a 900 sq ft apartment and the only equipment I had was a yoga mat and 2 8-pound free weights.

BTW, that is still the only equipment I have. I would love more, but lets face it…fitness equipment is expensive and not exactly for those on a budget.

Anyway…there are many resources available to us for home fitness.

  • Pinterest has links to different sites that literally give you workout routines for everyday of the week.
  • YouTube sources workout routines such as demo Zumba videos that one could use for inspiration.
  • If you’re a yogi, visit for yoga workout resources.
  • Many workout programs can be purchased on DVD

I use old R.I.P.P.E.D. teaching DVDs, T25, P90x and Insanity workouts. I utilize pinterest. I do my old Zumba routines and find new ones on youtube. All of which can be done in the comfort of your own living room!

This is a “two-birds; one stone” deal. You are saving money on a membership AND saving time sitting in traffic. Depending on where the gym is located, you could spend 45 minutes driving and an hour at the gym. Thats nearly 2 hours of the day. No one has time for such things.

2. Make a Schedule. At Least Tentatively.

It seems that most people have a pretty predictable schedule. Make it a point to sit down every month and look at your calendar. Physically place your workout schedule on that calendar. I have a calendar on Google specifically dedicated to my workouts. That way, I also see it everyday as a reminder.

Having workouts “penciled-in” increases the probability that you will make time for it. You know what to expect on that day, and you can place modified workouts as needed. Maybe on your day off, you double up on workouts. Maybe if you will be gone all day, you do a 15-minute HIIT workout found on Pinterest. If the workout “fits” in your schedule and makes sense for a given day, there is a better chance you will actually do it. Set yourself up for success. Not failure.

3. Find Out What Time of Day Works Best

Personally, I do well first thing in the morning. Many people also feel better working out after their workday. Everyone is different, but finding that sweet spot of time when you are feeling your best lets your body know that it is workout time. You develop a routine and your body is ready.

4. Realize How Long 10-minutes Is

Even for extremely busy people, 10-minutes is just a fraction of the day. Yet, so much can be accomplished. If all you have is 10-minutes today, you can still fit a workout in. Do some basic calisthenics, like gym class in high school. Find the 7-minute HIIT workout posted on pinterest. Run up and down the stairs. Jog 1-mile. Get up 10 minutes earlier so you can fit this in.

These exercises aren’t ideal for a regular workout schedule, but in a pinch, on those days when there really isn’t any time, you can still find 10 minutes to focus on yourself. Its good for your body and your mind.

5. Workout With the Kids

My sister’s biggest obstacle to working out seems to be my 2-year-old niece. She often just “don’t have time”. I get that. Being a stay-at-home mom is legitimately hard and all-consuming. However, there are ways to work with this.

  • If you’re a runner, like she is, invest in a jogging stroller. She uses hers all the time. She just puts my niece in it and away they go. Sometimes, she also brings the dog. Yikes! That sounds like a lot of things to juggle…
  • Invest in a baby carrier. I love the Ergo and Tula for my future children, but anything should work. If they cooperate, they can be part of your workout of squats and lunges for a few minutes. They may even sleep through it.
  • Take them to the park and use the equipment for pull-ups, push ups, etc.
  • Plan family adventures that involve activity, such as hiking, walking or swimming.

If none of this sounds good, make a promise to yourself to get up earlier than the kids, in order to workout before they rise. If you have an infant that lets you get out of bed, do it. Set up the baby monitor and do a workout in the living room. Your workout is done before the day even really starts. #win. If you don’t, try something new, like my aforementioned suggestions.

Yes, it is difficult to establish a routine that works for you. But once that routine is worked out, life gets a lot easier and you fit in a few more workouts.

Exercise is so important to our health. If its for 5-minutes or 50-minutes a day, it still counts. Experiment. Have fun with it, and make it count.

Since I started working 12-hour shifts, I don’t work out everyday. I am far too tired on those days to do anything except exist. I also think thats okay. I eat well. I am active all day at work, and I put in extra workout effort on my 4 days off. Still pretty solid in my book. BUT, if you can workout after 12-hours of working, I applaud you. You are amazing.

So get planning. Do it now. There is no time like the present.

3 thoughts on “Fitness: Fitting it In.

  1. That’s some great advice! 🙂 that’s awesome that you set up a plan for yourself to keep moving forward in your fitness journey! 🙂 im a fitness blogger on here too!

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