Fit What? Fit Bit!

I actually hadn’t planned on writing today, but that is often how our best ideas/thoughts come to us.

Through no planning at all.

Its 3:30 pm here on my day off. I have gotten a few important things marked off my to-do list and I just sat down to tackle a couple more with my nice, warm cup of echinacea tea (my sister’s family all has a stomach bug…and even though we haven’t seen each other, I feel some super large need to boost my immune system today…can’t hurt, right?) and I thought…I have to write. 

So I am. Because isn’t our time truly worth spending on doing the things that make us happy?

I didn’t think I wanted a FitBit. I worked out, I ate well, I felt good. I didn’t feel the need to have a fancy pedometer track my every step. Then, my fancy smartphone got a pedometer. It tracked my steps, miles, calories, elevation, HR if I asked it to.

And I felt accomplished. I suddenly had a reason to feel exhausted after a 12-hour shift. As if using my brainpower and knowingly moving continuously for that amount of time wasn’t enough reason…now I had proof. I am exhausted because I walk about 5 miles each day at work. And quickly. Sometimes, I’m even running some of it.

And then my closest friends told me about FitBit; they loved their FitBits. Peer pressure.

The research began. If you didn’t know, there are a lot of options out there. They vary in price and capabilities. There are even brands that are not FitBit. It got a little overwhelming, but eventually I was able to pinpoint my expectations of this fancy pedometer. I already had the phone app for counting my steps. What I wanted, was something to monitor my activity levels at yoga and during cross-training. I wanted something to more accurately assess my heart rate during exercise and give me feedback.

Enter the Charge HR. What makes this model totally worth the $150 is that fact that it counts your heart rate all day. It monitors exercise v. daily activity. It factors in elevation change, distance, calories burned. It can track sleep patterns, though I haven’t tried it yet. There is also a place to track meals if you need that feature. Last, you don’t need to carry your phone around all day to track activity. I love it.


Some of my co-workers already use a smartwatch of some kind. The others, I am trying to convince to buy one. One of them asked me the other day why I had one. Why I would need one. This is also the same co-worker that frequently asks me about workouts and what to eat to lose weight.

love my fitbit because it motivates me! No, I do not need to lose weight, but I am challenging myself and my abilities everyday with this silly, fancy pedometer. Just today, I found myself pushing harder during my workout to increase my numbers.

So my response? “because it feels great to know I burned 2400 calories yesterday being at work”. She said, “seriously?”

Yes. Seriously. 5 miles people.

It has actually been proven before that people increase their activity levels simply by wearing a pedometer. It may be because you realize how little you are actually active in a day. It may be because you want to keep challenging yourself to do better. It may be because you now realize what your food intake is. Who knows.

The FitBit Zip, owned by my oldest friend, costs just $60. Or, you can go big and get the Surge model for $250. Or anything in between.

I am not an expert, but I do believe the FitBit will help and encourage you on your journey to wellness.

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