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2016 Activity Plan

New year. New you. Right?

That’s what I hear anyway. We all take a look at this new year and try to decide what will be different this year. What we can do starting January 1 to change our lives forever. A new habit. A new diet. A lifestyle change.

While this is all great and more power to you if making a new year’s resolution is something that motivates you. This is not the case for me. I feel like I start the new year with an amazing plan and I feel totally empowered and then the moment my new thing becomes slightly inconvenient, I go back to my old ways.

It is just simpler.

I completely believe that change is good, but making new habits or trying something new takes work and commitment. You need a plan and some kind of accountability. In my experience, coming up with a grand plan with lots of components the night before I jump in feet first, my plan fails.

So…one thing at a time. One small change. Don’t overwhelm yourself with expectations that may be out of reach.

That being said, I want this year to be different.

Naturally, it will be. Every day of every year is different from the last. We are always learning, trying new things and going new places. This is all a given. It is the extent to which we want things to be different that requires additional motivation.

I started considering what it is that I do want to be different. Do I want to achieve something? Do I want to plan out some small steps to reach a larger, long-term goal? What steps would those be? Do I want to travel? Make a lifestyle change? What is it that I want to happen this coming year?

I also reminded myself that these changes don’t have to all happen right now. December 28.

They can, and should be happening throughout the year as opportunities present themselves and also so that I don’t get burnt out on completely changing my life in one day.

That, my friends, is what I call and unattainable expectation.

What is it I would like to achieve? Well, I have started a mental bucket-list, but some of the items need a little more thought put into them before they can be placed into action.

Adventures of 2016

  • Modify my blog. Figure out what it is exactly that I am trying to accomplish here.
  • Take a leisurely road-trip down the California coast. 
  • Dive further into my nursing education and join a professional organization or two.
  • Read more.
  • Continue focusing on the patience I have for those around me and work on not getting caught up in the little things I can’t control. 
  • Consider writing a book?
  • Learn to knit and/or Sew

As I commence into this coming year, I think it is also important to reflect on the things I accomplished in 2015. Sometimes, it feels like we haven’t done a single thing. As though we have been completely stationary on the couch for an entire year. This can’t actually be true.

These are just a few of the things I did this past year:

  • Completely changed the way I eat. From vegetarian to full-on meat eater
  • Paid of several debts
  • Blogged more consistently
  • Road-tripped to the Midwest
  • Moved and changed jobs
  • Got engaged
  • Went to Canada
  • Explored Portland and the Oregon Coast
  • Lots of hiking
  • Became better dog-parents
  • Became more patient with my family and became more successful at living in the moment
  • Transitioned to working out at home
  • Made the choice to apply to graduate school
  • Drank more tea
  • Started a Journal
  • Saw a few concerts

What have you done in the past year? What are some goals you have for next year? It is so important to have goals and consider what it is you want out of life. It is also important to reflect on our accomplishments, however small they may be.

Everyday is a new day. An opportunity for change.

Change starts now.

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