12 Books in 12 Months

Challenge: 12 Books in 12 Months

One of my goals this year is to read more. So I am challenging myself to read 1 book each month this year, which will be far more reading than I have done since high school.

I even made a whole plan for reading every night before bed to try and accomplish this. Even if it is only for 10 minutes. It is something.

So far, I have been doing pretty well. It is all about establishing a habit. Just doing it. If it is that important, we make time. This challenge is important to me and I have decided that it is an attainable goal this year.

I am grouping January and February together, since the book I started reading got interrupted mid-January to finish another book on my list.

This book is entitled, “The Big Disconnect”. By Catherine Steiner-Adair, EdD.

The book was recommended to me by my sister-in-law. She has 4 girls under the age of 8, so it has become easy over the years to use telephones, computers, tv, etc. to entertain the girls; even for a few minutes. Computers have also become very prevalent regarding education, so children have really easy access.

Technology is a huge part of our everyday lives. For better or for worse. We use it for education, work, research, to-do lists, looking up recipes and staying connected to friends and family, among other things. While so much of this has been helpful, I now constantly find myself connected. The expectation of my by society is that I am always connected. Always available.

What happened to land-lines and answering machines??

Let me just say, I have strongly considered going back to the stone age, tossing my cell phone and installing a land line….

Anyhow. My sister-in-law completely cut technology out of her family life. The children aren’t connected at all. She said that in just a couple of weeks of this practice, they interacted more, played outside, slept better, ate better and had an improved focus/attention span.

Amazing, right?

So I thought I’d read this book at some point, looked it up on our AmazonPrime account and put it in the cart. Just for safe-keeping. Just so I wouldn’t forget.

I didn’t really have intentions of reading it right away.

A few days later, it showed up at my sister’s house. Turns out, she thought she had put it in the cart previously, so went ahead and bought it. Ha. And also thought she was losing it since she had no recollection of such an event.

So here we were, having a conversation about technology and I took the book home.

Not long after, my niece’s preschool announced that they would be having a speaker to discuss this exact book!


So, I am trying to read this book as fast as I can so I can share it with my sister before the big speaker.

Check it out.


You can buy it here:


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