Wedding Prep 2016

Wedding Prep 2016: Fitness

I have succumbed to the societal pressure.

I actually have a wedding-prep fitness plan.

It happened incidentally in conjunction with my wedding being in 8 months. I swear.

I have always been active, have become more aware of what I’m putting in my body and I think, generally healthy. Last summer, I saw a friend of mine who had been doing some lifting and although she is ALWAYS beautiful, just looked particularly toned when I saw her. So she visited me, we got to chatting about it and I thought I can do that. 

The biggest weight I have ever lifted weighs 8 pounds…

So, she made me a workout plan that includes a lot more lifting than I have ever done (which actually doesn’t take much) and decreased my cardio. And I get 2 rest days each week. What??? I don’t have to work out everyday?


I am not trying to lose weight. Not at all. I want to maintain and tone up a few areas. The wedding is simply a great motivator. Such a motivator is the reason I have started getting up at 430 on work days to get my workout in. Its hard. But it feels so great. I start my day out feeling accomplished, strong and healthy. My mood is set and I function much better.

Screenshot_2016-02-01-11-23-02So I have been doing this plan for 2 weeks. She says it takes 8 to start seeing results. Thanks to my fabulous fitbit ChargeHR, I have been able to see some awesome workout monitoring too! Another motivator to get me to the 8-week mark. Obvi, I took a before picture and measurements so I can hopefully debunk my theory that cardio is the best workout anyone can do 🙂

But seriously, weight training is amazing for your body. At least from what I have read and what I am told. As a nurse, I hear so much about weight-bearing exercises to prevent osteoporosis. Perfect. I’m on it. Weight training also works for so many people based on their wants. You can bulk-up, tone, lose weight simply based on the amount weight you choose to lift and the number of reps you perform in each set.

So much variety!

Worried about meeting that cardio goal only 2-3 days each week? Remember, weight training gets the heart-rate up at least to about 120 beats/minute. Your heart is still working. If you are still worried, do 45 minutes of cardio instead of 20.

Worried about burning calories? Building muscles increased metabolism, PLUS while you are relaxing after the workout, your body is burning more calories to repair the muscle fibers you have just worked. Awesome. And so efficient! I love efficiency.

Worried your marathon running will suffer? I disagree. Based on my own experience, running used to be really difficulty. I still did it, but I had a hard time. Since I have started cross-training (even with programs like t25 and Insanity) I have found that I can run 1 time a week and I have no difficulty running those 4-5 miles. I still enjoy the run, but my body doesn’t get so beat up by the pavement. Instead, it feels supported. Strong.

Last, any kind of workout is great for a mental boost and decreasing risk of stroke, diabetes and heart disease. I’m a big supporter of things that do that!

The plan…

Day 1: Cardio then Upper Body

Day 2: Lower Body

Day 3: Rest day


For me, cardio has included running, t25, insanity and the rowing machine. I do one of those for 25-35 minutes, followed by my upper body workout.

Rest days can be used for just that, or can be used to do something different, such as yoga, rock-climbing or hiking.

I love this. I feel strong. I feel healthy. I feel accomplished. My emotions are more even-keeled. Its a great feeling. I will update you on any physical changes as they arise!

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