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Ground Turkey Thai Curry

One of my many goals this year is to consistently write whole30 friendly recipes in my blog. Many people often express to me how difficult it sounds to cut out so many pieces of their diet, how it can be expensive and how they may not have time to prepare such foods.

I get it. Seriously, if it wasn’t for the support of my loving fiance, I would very possibly come home from work most nights to eat cereal. Its happened. So I can probably take a lesson from my own advice: do food prep on your days off!

Recently I decided to use the last bit of some red curry paste that had been sitting in our refrigerator for probably 6 months. I am not sure why I was so averted to using it in the past. It is so simple! Most of the ingredients in this recipe are exchangeable for whatever you have on hand. You can make it as meaty and vegetable-y as you wish.

And I included where we buy our ingredients at the cheapest price 🙂


1.5 pounds organic, free-range ground turkey (Costco has a great price on this)

1 Cups chopped bell-peppers (Whole Foods)

1 Cup chopped onion

3 cloves garlic, minced or thinly sliced (Costco, pre-peeled)

1 C thinly sliced carrots

1/2 C thinly sliced radishes

1 pound cauliflower, shredded (Costco, fresh)

2 T. curry paste (Thai Kitchen or Thai and True brand if you are a PNW local) The yellow paste is whole30 friendly, but not all of them are, so read your ingredients.

2 cans of coconut milk (you will just be using the heavy cream portion of the can, so if you can find the heavy coconut cream, often found at Trader Joe’s, you would only need 1 can)

salt and pepper to taste

coconut oil and/or olive oil for sauteeing vegetables


  1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees F.
  2. Shred Cauliflower. After this, you may want to invest in a food-processor because shredding cauliflower by hand is AWFUL….however, I’ve been doing it for a year now and have survived. Once shredded, place on a cookie sheet with 1-2 T olive oil, salt and pepper. Place in oven to bake until cauliflower is soft and rice-like. This takes about 20-30 minutes.
  3. Warm up skillet on stove. Place about 1 T coconut oil into pan. Once melted, add onions and garlic and saute until translucent. Add ground turkey, and salt and pepper to your liking, to pan and saute until cooked throughout.
  4. Meanwhile, chop up your veggies (protip: you can buy peppers in the frozen section of WholeFoods pre-choppped)
  5. Once ground turkey is fully cooked, place aside in a separate bowl.
  6. Using another 1 T coconut oil, saute vegetables. Start with carrots, as they will take the longest, followed by radishes and finally peppers.
  7. When the vegetables are of a consistency you like, add the meat back to the pan. Add in the 2 T of curry past. Open both cans of coconut milk, scraping out just the top half of the can. This is the cream part. You will be able to tell the difference, as the bottom half looks like water and is very thin. Add only the top half of both cans. Stir this all together until mixed and warm.
  8. By this time, the cauliflower should be finished. Dish up the cauliflower like you would rice, top with your desired portion of curry, and voila! So easy.

This takes about 40 minutes to fully prepare, but you could prep all vegetables before hand to make it more simple. You can also double or triple the batch and freeze it or eat it for a week. Up to you. Although, I am not sure how well curry freezes. It may look a little funny, but shouldn’t taste any different.

Happy Cooking!


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