The Mollie Chronicles

The Airport Lock-in

It’s a 2 post/1 day sort of day today.

I am a week behind on writing due to several circumstances including but not limited to: having the stomach flu so lovingly shared with me by my other family members, moving, applying for jobs, having many interviews and continuing to plan our wedding.

There is your word vomit for the day! Yes!

In addition, I have been sitting the airport now since 8 am today.


I was actually finishing The Whole Brain Child today (yes, I know. a month late) and I read a section about teaching ourselves and our children to pause when we are focusing on one item/thought in our brains and look at the whole picture. There is so much going on in our world, so much to be thankful for, so much positivity and we often find ourselves focusing on that one thing that is negative.

I read this today after having a very turbulent flight (I HATE flying), having my flight delayed at my connecting airport at least 5 times before it was finally cancelled and standing in line to 5 hours to get re-booked on another flight for tomorrow.

All of this after having a very difficult good-bye with Lance and the pups since I won’t be seeing them for a whole month!!! Waahhhh.

First world problems, right?

Why? Because all of these things happened today which were quite inconvenient and definitely not how I had intended to spend my Wednesday, but I really thought about what this book was telling me.

Sure, my day could have been total crum. It was not super fun. I was alone most of the day. I have to sleep in the airport. Its a sequence of unfortunate events. And I could choose to be angry and upset like some of the other patrons did. OR I could choose what I did.

I am here. Nothing about this day is really going to change the outcome for the next 24 hours. I accept that. I also focused on the other amazing life changes that are happening. I have 6 job offers currently and 2 more interviews. Lance has a great job. We have a nice place to live and our doggy children are the happiest I have ever seen them due to the addition of a yard to our living arrangement. I made some friends at the airport. I am safe.

So, I shall make the most of this evening doing some writing, reading, watching shows and having some decent (?) food and alcohol. Because, why not?

The truth is, we can’t expend so much energy focusing on negative things and worrying about the things we have no control over. All we can really do is look at the bright side and stay positive.

Especially today. I really believe that positive energy breeds positivity. There were definitely some angry patrons at the airport today. But I noticed that there were definitely more people who weren’t angry. Frustrated, sure. However, I did not see them lashing out. They accepted it. As for the people in line with me, we chatted. For 5 entire hours. And we had a pretty decent time, considering.

And that, is all because of how we all chose to react and chose what to focus on.



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