The Mollie Chronicles

Be Here. Now.

Since Lance and I started dating, we haven’t spent much time apart. Like, basically none. Our relationship started long-distance, so we did that for about 4 months, flying west coast to mid-west as time, money and work schedules allowed.

It sucked.

But we did it.

Once it was over though, that was it. Nearly every day we spent together. It wasn’t really planned out that way necessarily, but it happened. I traveled once for about 4 days without him to see family and most recently, took a mom-daughter week-long vacation.

Now, we are looking at a month of apart time. I understand that in the grand scheme of life and life-situations, this is nothing. Many families don’t see each other for much longer periods of time for a variety of reasons.

That doesn’t make it suck any less.

So, we Skype and text (thank goodness for technology) and lean on the other people around us until the month is complete.

Life is changing. It is always changing, albeit sometimes much faster and with more force than other times. This separation is temporary. Feeling a little off-kilter without my other half is unsettling and I feel off-balance most of the time. But it IS temporary, and there are so many other great things going on in my current environment. I am spending time with my sister, mom, niece and sister-in-law. I am soaking up the last days at my current job and basking in the few and far-between moments of sunshine in the PNW. These here and now moments pass so quickly and I am often left with regret that I didn’t focus on them a little more when I was so focused on getting to the next big thing.

With so many things to be thankful for, it is so important to live in the here and now. The things that are temporary will pass; often sooner than we think.

1 week has already passed. Just 3 to go! W

Everything, is going to be alright.

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