Wedding Prep 2016

Wedding Prep 2016: Finer Details on a Budget

The Flowers:

It is actually reaching time in the wedding planning to deal with the finer details such as accessories and flowers. I have been thinking about and looking at flowers for months. I can’t decide. Big? Small? Real? Fake? Do I even want a bouquet? Flowers are pretty, but if we use them for the bridal party in a traditional bouquet, they will just get thrown away after the ceremony.

I’m not a fan of that plan. I also don’t plan to do a bouquet toss. So what exactly is the point of this bouquet? This is the trouble with not knowing exactly how I want my wedding to be since being a young girl… There are too many options.

At work yesterday, one of my patients had a beautiful hydrangea plant in her window sill, a gift from a family member. It was gorgeous! It was one of the only flowers I have seen that I really felt good about. So I got to thinking…I could have the bridesmaids carry a single perennial plant each. Or I could. Perhaps all the same. Perhaps different. Then, we can plant them in our yard when we have a house.

The flowers don’t go to waste and we have a sort of souvenir/memoir situation from our wedding day that will re-bloom every year. So, I am running with this idea. I haven’t quite figured out how to make a potted plant an accessory yet, but I am sure something exists.




As for the decorations? We both like the idea of hops, lavender, orchids and daffodils.

All of them may be a bit much, so we will likely decide on the cheapest option. I am sure I will change my mind 15 more times. Good thing we have a few months!


Charming Charlie’s was a hit. The jewelry is not fancy or real, but instead is basically glorified costume jewelry. However, isn’t it really just for the pictures?

With some awesome BOGO deals, I accessorized the entire bridal party  with bracelets and earrings for just $85! That turns out to be only $14/person. #winning

Hair accessories?

I am soooo excited about these! Mom, my MOH and I decided we could make these. No big thing. Plus, I am much picker than I thought I would be and I found that I like basically nothing that can be purchased in a store.

So, we are making flower clips for all the bridesmaids hair, using lace from my dress to make headbands for the flower girls and plan to somehow use the sleeves from my dress for my own flower hairpiece- sentimental and the color is apparently a very odd shade of white. I can’t wait to make them! I am using this tutorial:

Budget: $27 for all the materials for 8 hair accessories! Bear in mind, I am using a small amount of material the seamstress removed from mom’s dress, but I would encourage you to do the same! Even if it is just a dress that was altered. Use what you have! The accessories will be that much more special, especially if you have the privilege to modify and alter a family member’s wedding gown.

I know I said wedding planning can be stressful. It can. What I have learned though, is that there is time. Everything will be okay. The wedding day will be special and perfect no matter what.

Above all, ask for some help! People want to help you. Trust me. All you have to do is trust them. 



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