Wedding Prep 2016

Wedding Prep 2016: Delegation and Organization

Oh, my goodness.

Delegation. What an amazing idea. Here I have been planning and researching and planning some more with just myself and my mister. I have said it before, but this wedding planning thing has been stress-city for me. I have never considered myself a bridezilla. I still wouldn’t. I’m pretty easy going about most things in the wedding. The day shall be perfect no matter what…but I am a bit of a control-freak.

Alas, I shall do ALL the planning. This way, everything will be done the “correct” way.


Wrong. So wrong. Once I just accepted the fact that other people are completely capable of doing some wedding tasks with what is likely more success than I, my life became a whole lot easier.

This planning started way back in November. At first, I got totally carried away with Pinterest and found myself considering a courthouse wedding. Cheaper. Faster. Done. No muss, no fuss.

Unfortunately, I actually want a wedding. So, I did a few things that I think will help anyone else starting to plan.

Dedicate Blocks of Time for Wedding Planning: 

  1. We agreed to basically not do any wedding consideration or planning outside of these windows in an attempt to prevent it from taking over our lives. In addition, we planned some days to go do things like register for the wedding, since our days off together are actually pretty limited.

Make a To-Do List (I use EVERNOTE)

  1. I combined a few online resources to create my own list. I like to be able to check items off, and often if I don’t write something down, I will forget to do it. I organized each task by month and placed check-boxes next to each item. The awesome thing about Evernote is that it allows you to copy and paste links not only to webpages, but also to other notes within Evernote, so my to-do list has become a primary resource for our wedding planning with links to venues, contracts and other planning lists. Its awesome.

Find Tasks to Delegate

  1. Family and friends want to help out. Let them. In my situation, I made a delegation note in Evernote and then delegated my MOH to follow-up on these duties so that I don’t need to hound everyone about the status of their task all the time. This allows me to focus more on tasks delegated to only Lance and I. Some tasks may be:
    1. Monitoring hotel rooms to make sure enough are available to traveling guests.
    2. Making desserts (we didn’t order ours from a caterer).
    3. Creating gift/activity bags for the children at the wedding.
    4. Constructing decorations/centerpieces
    5. Making bridesmaid and flower-girl attire
    6. Bridal Shower/Bachelorette Party Planning
    7. Sending Invites (FYI…we are using mostly electronic invites, which are much cheaper and environmentally friendly…..)

Consult with your maid-of-honor, trusted bridesmaids and family as often as you need to. They want to help! Ask for it!

I also use GoogleKeep which is another great app. You can make to-do lists that can be shared with anyone else using Google and seen from any device. I like this app for shorter, more time-sensitive lists because it breaks down my bigger list into smaller sections. So I can focus on one thing at a time. 

The top picture below is GoogleKeep. The Bottom is an example of part of my Evernote to-do list.

Happy Wedding Planning!

Screen Shot 2016-05-02 at 1.47.08 PMScreen Shot 2016-05-02 at 1.46.16 PM


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