My Zen

New Series: The Little Things

It has been nearly a month since I re-located back to the MidWest, and a roller-coaster month it has been. While I am always excited to start over and explore a new place, I also hate it. It doesn’t feel like home anymore. I don’t know where anything is located geographically and it just takes awhile to settle in.

This time around, I have been without any of my immediate family close to me. Which is new. I miss them. I am so used to them being around. So sometimes, I feel pretty alone.

Or I was, anyway.

After reading my last book, I’ve really started to focus on what it is that I want out of life. I spent an afternoon last week just evaluating my options for the next couple of years. Family, kiddos, school, career, marriage…it is a lot to balance. And in the end, we can never truly prepare or plan for life. It is going to happen to us anyway. So we make the best choices we can, for us, and see how it all plays out. If there is anything I have learned in this life, it is that things will be okay. I will be okay. Feelings are temporary and they can be changed.

Part of this journey of embracing my current life and making my new place of existence feel like home includes some advice from the book….to find gratitude in every day. To choose joy and happiness. To focus on the positivity and just take it all in.

As an even smaller part of this movement, I want to know my city. I want to be involved and take advantage of the opportunities my city has to offer.

Alas, I will be doing a weekly series called The Little Things. It will first and foremost share the beautiful places and activities in a place most people think is just a corn-field. It will also share moments of happiness and joy, demonstrating gratitude, even on the most difficult of days.

Get to know my city with me! And find some gratitude in your own everyday. 

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