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Getting In Touch With Nature

This week I am grateful for:

  • Lakes
  • My puppy children
  • The noises of bugs and chirping birds
  • Pancakes
  • Access to clean and healthy food
  • New Ideas and Challenges
  • Making choices for me

Our little family took our very first legit camping trip this past weekend. It was memorial day weekend and we made the choice to camp late, after all the “good” campgrounds were booked. So we found a seemingly obscure campground- the kind with no reviews and no description- the kind that even many locals haven’t hear of.

Acorn Valley Campground


We were skeptical.

We didn’t need to be. No, it didn’t have lake access and wasn’t full of extra amenities, but it was clean, quiet, green and just the perfect place forour first family outing. We successfully constructed our first tent, grilled brats over the fire, went fishing, had some beverages and snugly slept all 4 of us in our itty-bitty tent.

We learned that we may need a bigger tent if this scenario happens again. These dogs have no respect for other people’s space.
The campground doesn’t offer drive-up campsites, so you have to carry your belongings. Pets are allowed. It is small, but clean. There is no electricity. Sorry telephone and computer…you have to stay home. And..its close enough to the city that if something goes terribly wrong, you have an escape route :

I kept saying just how thankful I was for this time to relax with just the hubs and the boys. We’ve had a pretty busy life and just this one evening to get away from the hustle and bustle was a breath of fresh air. Literally and figuratively. It made my heart smile to be disconnected, even briefly and really live in the moments we shared. It is too easy to miss those moments these days. We have to make time for them and prioritize them in our lives.

Trust me. It’s all worth the feeling of truly appreciating the moment and time well-spent.



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