The Little Things

Our First Garden

This week I have been grateful for:

  • Holiday Weekends with the Hubs
  • My mom
  • Amazing Co-workers
  • Low-humidity
  • La Croix and Kombucha– they’ve been saving me during my current whole30
  • Traffic-less Commutes

We planted our very first garden this year. It’s been complete trial and error thus far, and fortunately for us, its been working out pretty darn well. We cheated a little and did not start our garden from seed, but rather seedlings.

There is really something to getting your hands dirty in a project. Literally dirty. We weeded and tilled out what seemed like 100 lilies of the valley to plant our garden. We got attacked by ants and had to touch organic soil. Ew. It smells awful. However…it has proven beneficial.

This week we have about 20 tomatoes growing, we can see little baby peppers thriving and even our brussels sprouts have little buds growing. It really makes me proud. Like, we did that! We’ve even been eating on our fresh grown kale for a couple of weeks. I’m surely surprising myself and it has been really fun to watch everything grow.


I even got adventurous and planted some potted flowers. I have never been in to flowers- mostly because they usually die at my non-green-thumb hand. This year though, something changed. I got really excited to plant flowers! And they are gorgeous. Sadly, I lost a couple of pansies, but I have re-potted the others and am hoping they perk up a bit. Turns out, you can’t plant pansies with a small bush and a flower that grows 3 feet tall. Apparently, they are sensitive little friends.

I must say, I feel even more like an adult, and a lot more like my mom everyday. And I am proud of it. She’s quite a flower lover and gets just as excited about them as I do 🙂



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