The Little Things

24 Hours a Day

This week’s gratitudes:

  • Rainy Mornings to Sleep In
  • Mashed Potatoes
  • Time spent outdoors
  • Fresh Garden Vegetables
  • The Whole30 Lifestyle

These posts are supposed to be about the little things in life; the moments that keep us moving forward and feeling grateful, even in the presence of great stress. They are a time for me to sit down each week and reflect on what really happened in my week. So many times I just get caught up in the moment, the busy-ness, the stress and find myself very quickly overwhelmed. Sitting down to write in here just gives me 20 minutes to reflect, focus on me and take a much-needed breath.

Everyone always has something going on in their lives. Often times, we have multiple somethings going on. We are stressed, over-worked and over-tired. It is hard to balance and demonstrate patience with ourselves. I spent yesterday afternoon being pretty upset, for many reasons. I just let all the overwhelming tasks and duties take charge. And then, of course, everything fell apart for a minute.

The truth is, and I have said it to myself many many times- there are only 24 hours in every day. I work some of them and I sleep some of them. The in-between few hours only allows for so much. I have to prioritize- a little housework, a little wedding prep, a little school prep. I do the most important things and always take a minute or two for myself. I prioritize my nutrition and fitness every single day and most days, I focus on mental wellness through writing or reading. There are many other things I would love to be doing like reading before bed, or writing on here more frequently, but it is not happening right now. The time-sensitive items of my wedding and school starting have taken precedence. They have to. For now.

In the end, my life is great and I have many things to be thankful for. It is so important for us to acknowledge what we have and how far we have come. It is important to be patient with ourselves because we are, in fact, only human and can only accomplish so much at one time.

Be patient with yourself. Listen to what your heart and soul need today in order to smile. Your gratefulness and understanding will go far. They are contagious emotions that can change the attitude and energy in a room 🙂

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