The Little Things

That Time I Started NP School

Holy gratitude this week!

I have so much to be thankful for. It is so amazing to me how I often look at my week ahead and panic. How will I get everything done? Will I get enough sleep? Will I get my workouts in like I would like to? I seriously looked at my calendar and anticipated I wouldn’t have time for any workouts OR sleep. And you know what? I survived and made some progress.

So this week I am thankful for:

  • My Lance. Seriously. For all the cooking he did this week
  • The motivation to get up before work and get my workout in
  • The awesome school that accepted me into their DNP program
  • Our wedding being 2 weeks away
  • My deck 

I started school this week after 3 years of being off. I have been contemplating it for awhile and did a lot of soul-searching this summer about what I actually want for my life. Master’s degree? DNP? No school at all? It was difficult to make the choice, but I made it. I chose the DNP and I am so ecstatic that I did. I had orientation this week and it was incredibly up-lifting. The teachers and current students spoke with us and told us all how excellent we are at our jobs and how we will be successful nurse practitioners and we will be amazing at it. It was so nice to hear their encouragement and think to myself, “I did this. I am here and I am great and I am going to be awesome.” It was pretty motivating.

Just like it is important to appreciate the little things in life, it is also important to not get hung up on the other little things that make our lives a little more difficult. I was reminded of this yet again during orientation. I am an adult with a life and things happen in life that I have no control over, but you know what? Just like I survived this week with grace, I will survive my education and I will love it. I may not always get perfect scores or read every piece of material assigned to me because life. Even so, I will be a success.

We don’t need to be perfect. Not ever. We need to embrace our experiences and give things our best shot. That is what life is about. We all get through it and most of the time, we enjoy it; even when we are stressed to the max starting school, working and planning a wedding 😉

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