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Spoiler Alert!!

Happy Friday!

Don’t you just love the feeling of knowing a couple days of rest, relaxation and play are ahead? Sometimes, my Friday, doesn’t always fall on a Friday, but it has been more and more lately. I just love sleeping a little longer, enjoying a hot cup of coffee on a Saturday morning, reading and starting my day in the late morning, rather than the busy-busy go-go of the weekdays. It feels like a brick has been lifted and I can finally take a deep breath.  I love these slow mornings at home with my little family.


Speaking of family and spoiler alert! My husband and I are expecting our first child! Woohoo!! We are due in July and can’t wait to start the next chapter of our lives. It has been an experience so far, to say the least and is already changing our daily habits. For example, there has been no more staying up past 10 pm any night of the week.

I Just. Can’t. Hack it.

My body feels like it is no longer mine a lot of the time and I haven’t quite figured out exactly how to handle that yet, except to take every day in stride, be open to new experiences and accept every moment as it presents itself. Pregnancy has been a trying experience for me. I have always been the one to do it all. I ran from early in the morning until late in the evening. I never napped. I functioned on 6-7 hours of sleep. I had a routine and I was good with the busy-ness. It made me feel accomplished.

Then the first-trimester sank in. I begin sleeping 9-10 hours a night, often with a midday nap included. I had little motivation or energy to exercise. I had little desire to be social, put myself together or wear anything but yoga pants….let’s face it…I still only want to wear yoga pants.


Because when you are pregnant, you are bloated and NOTHING feels attractive. You’re too bloated to wear your skinny jeans, but not showing enough to wear maternity pants! Enter yoga pants. *relief*

What I have been learning is this:

  • Being pregnant has a kind of fatigue that is unlike any other kind of fatigue. It’s the kind that knocks you down and makes you only want to sleep. Caffeine? Sure. You can have some. Personally, it made me gag. So caffeine was not the answer. More sleep was ALWAYS the answer.
  • It is totally normal to be tired, lack motivation, slow down and be easy on yourself. I am growing another HUMAN for goodness sake! A HUMAN! How cool is that? And how much energy does it really take? I am guessing quite a bit.
  • How to be gentle with my body and listen to what it needs. Whether that is food, sleep, a bath, to read, to take a day off from the gym, etc. I listen. I hear it. I don’t push myself. I give my body what it needs, because its telling me for a reason.
  • I can’t do anything to change the course of my pregnancy. Sure, I can eat as healthy as possible, get activity regularly and attend my prenatal appointments. However, there is no way of actually knowing how my pregnancy will progress. Every person is different and every pregnancy is different. There is no sense in worrying about a lot of the what-if’s but rather to address them as they occur. This has been trying for me and has hard on my anxiety and need-to-know. It’s good practice.

In my coming posts, I may refer more to the pregnancy and how it has been fitting in to my diet and fitness routine. I am excited to share my experience and hope to give you all some laughs along the way too.

Enjoy your weekend!

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