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Pregnancy: 2nd Trimester Tips

Pregnancy is a beautiful experience and unlike anything I have ever done. I am clearly not an expert, as this is my first pregnancy, but this is what I have learned so far. Of course, talk to your doctor/midwife. Do your own research. Make your own informed decisions. What works for another mom-to-be does not and may not have to work for you. Do what you are comfortable with.

Baby. 14 Weeks.

Listen to your body:

We are full-swing into the 2nd trimester of this pregnancy and officially 4 months along. I am feeling generally great most of the time, but still battle fatigue daily. An hour nap each day is not abnormal and I’m usually in bed by 9 pm. I’ve really been trying to listen to my body and sleep is exactly what it needs.

Take baths. Read. Watch movies. Take it easy.

Eat a Diet High in Protein and Veggies:

Fortunately, I have finally gotten back to eating my paleo-based diet 80% of the time. Trust me, it feels much better than eating all carbs and cheese all day long. The first 14 weeks I couldn’t tolerate vegetables except for potatoes, definitely couldn’t eat eggs and really didn’t want meat. Enter protein shakes and carbohydrates! I am so happy to be tolerating vegetables again. Baby loves it and I love it. Yes, if you are pregnant, you should eat what your body is craving, but it also needs protein and veggies to nourish your changing body. Protein helps the baby grow and keeps your blood sugar stable, helping you feel better too.

More protein and little craving for meat has meant the addition of dairy back into my diet in the form of icelandic yogurt, string cheese and cottage cheese. High in protein. Low in fat. And I am tolerating it mostly fine. I have been loving Siggy’s yogurt. It has minimal sugar and is high in protein. It is more expensive, but I recently found it for just over $1.00/container at Costco and the local grocery stores often have it on sale.

Move your Body Everyday

According to most recent recommendations, if you tolerated a fitness regimen before, you can continue it through pregnancy, with some minor adjustments. You may not be able to get your heart rate up as high, but you can and should get it going. A good rule of thumb is that if you can’t have a conversation while you’re working out, you’re probably working too hard for the baby. And of course, always clearing it with your midwife or OB to be sure, in case of specific circumstances involved with your pregnancy.

There are limitations. For example, it was recommended that I stop hot yoga, as it increases the risk of miscarriage since the baby can’t cool itself off. It is also not recommended to do any yoga inversions while pregnant. You can modify. I still take a regular yoga class, but have looked up different modifications to avoid laying on my back, stomach or doing moves that aren’t recommended. I am still rock-climbing at the same level I was pre-pregnancy, but I stopped bouldering and we don’t lead-climb. I still lift weights, but I lift lighter weights rather than heavier ones. I also modify my interval training so I am not consistently jumping. And ultimately, if I Start to feel off, I take a break or end my workout altogether.

Squats are great. Prenatal yoga is great. Walking is also great. Anything that will get your heart rate up a bit for at least 30-minutes a day.

It is vital to listen to your body. If you need to rest, do that. If your joints get sore, back off a bit. Do what you feel like doing. Just because I can keep rock-climbing through my entire pregnancy at this time, doesn’t mean that in a couple more months my body will tolerate it as much as it has been.

Take Notes and Set Reminders. Lots of Them.

Pregnancy brain is real. I have reminders set on my phone for everything that needs to be done if it is important and has to be done on a certain day. But, having pregnancy brain is a pretty good out too 😉

I have missed two appointments, after having the time written down in at least 3 different places and mailed things to locations other than my house. The first trimester was basically a blur a brain fog and I was not organized.  Just this morning I put milk in the cupboard and found it there 6 hours later. It happens. I can’t get down on myself for it. If you’re pregnant, you shouldn’t either.

Read labels, especially if you’re a tea drinker.

There was so much tea I drank or thought I could drink pre-pregnancy. Probably, many herbs in teas are fine. If you google which teas to avoid, they are plentiful. I am also sure there are many people who drink many of them and have just a fine pregnancy. It is ultimately up to you and what you are comfortable with. Teas that are most certainly safe are:

  • Chamomile
  • Peppermint
  • Ginger
  • Raspberry leaf (after the first trimester)

Hopefully some of this helps! Or validates your own concerns or feelings. I know I need that a lot right now, too.

Happy Friday, y’all.

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