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Pregnancy: Birthing Classes & Pregnancy Pillow

Guys. I bought a pregnancy pillow. It was easily the best purchase I have made so far this pregnancy. I have been sleeping really well and have been less sore in the mornings due to the increased support. My belly hasn’t grown too much yet- it is still a little bump. This is my first pregnancy and I have only gained 10 pounds in the past 20 weeks, but I have been having some back pain and wanted to give the pregnancy pillow a try.

I also find myself sleeping on my back ALL the time. This is not recommended in pregnancy, do to the weight of mama’s belly pressing on her vena cava and impeding blood flow to mama and baby. I am told that if this occurs, I will feel nauseous and light-headed. Honestly, I have felt fine, but I am concerned about with-holding blood from little Baby O.

Enter…the Leachco Snoogle Total Body Pillow. Purchasable on Amazon or Bed Bath & Beyond.

I was between this one and the PharMeDoc pregnancy pillow. Both had great reviews online, but for personal preference and easy of obtaining the pillow in my hometown, I went with Leachco. Leachco suggests 8 different ways to use this pillow throughout pregnancy and even after baby is born for breastfeeding or holding support. My friend who is 6 months postpartum still uses her pillow just for sleeping and loves it.

Here are the 8 variations:

Snoogle Positions

I have used only the Back-to-Back and the Belly Basic. My ultimate goals right now are: stay off my back for sleep (solved by the Back-to-Back) and have more support for my growing belly (solved by the Belly Basic). I am sure in the coming months as reflux gets worse I will be using some of the others as well.

But for real– this is totally worth the $60.

In other great news, the hubby and I started a child-birthing class. I was back and forth for awhile with this one, just as I was with the doula. I thought that probably my birth wouldn’t go according to plan anyway, so what was the point? I am planning to take the 3-hour birthing class offered at my midwives’ clinic and there were times when I thought that would be enough. However, after doing my research and chatting with several people, I was able to reach the conclusion that I DO, in fact, want to take an extended birthing class. As with the doula, I won’t know how these decisions will actually pan out for several more months, but I am hoping they have a positive impact on our birth.

I know birthing classes may not be for everyone, but right now, they are for me. We chose a class that follows that Bradley method, meeting for 1.5 hours/week for a total of 12 weeks. I chose this course because:

  • It was HIGHLY recommended by several midwives and doulas I spoke with.
  • It focuses on the goal of having a natural childbirth.
  • It empowers moms and dads to advocate for themselves in both home-birthing and hospital situations.
  • It educates on the risks and benefits of induction, cesarean section, epidurals and other standard hospital procedures.
  • It encourages optimal nutrition and exercise in mama to prepare the body for labor and delivery.
  • It meets multiple times, allowing the development of relationships with other new parents, which is a camaraderie that I think is incredibly special.
  • It will give me more information to better prepare me for what to expect during the laboring process and delivery of Baby O.
  • I think it will better bridge my holistic and medical backgrounds to optimize the birthing experience for me and daddy O.

We have met just one time, but I am incredibly excited to learn more and be surrounded by other new mamas. I will continue to share updates with you as we go through the course.

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