Expectful App for Meditating Mamas

I was reading or listening to something about self-care recently and wanted to reiterate one thing about this topic.

For me, self-care is not necessarily about self-pampering. Yes, I consider myself a huge advocate of massage, hot baths and taking some you time to get your hair or nails done, but it is also important to work out our minds and bodies.

We only get one body. Nourish it. Nourish your soul with writing, reading, or meditation. Physically nourish it with clean & nutritious foods, plenty of water and exercise. How we treat our bodies now has lasting impacts into our older years. How we treat ourselves, also impacts how we treat others and make them feel. Fortunately, this is an aspect of life that we are mostly in control of.

As I have tried a few times this year, I am again on the meditation train. It leaves me more clear-headed, with more patience and understanding, with an outlook that is generally more positive. When I meditate, I notice that I don’t feel as tense or overwhelmed. I am able to take on the day as it presents itself without being harsh on myself for being ‘imperfect’. In reality, it isn’t that I am not enough during these moments, but rather that much of the occurrences throughout our days are out of our control. So what does it help to get anxious, worried, stressed or upset? We can’t change a lot of the details. They just are.

What we can do, is change our approach and our reactions.

I am finding that a much calmer and patient reaction is both more productive and feels much better to me.

At the recommendation of my doula, I downloaded the app Expectful. It is another meditation app, so I was skeptical at first. I have tried several apps in the past and I just couldn’t connect with them. I didn’t have the desire to meditate and some of them felt phony to me. But, I am loving Expectful. I have successfully meditated using it 5 of the last 7 days and it has been working!!

Is it the power of positive thinking? Maybe. Perhaps I wasn’t ready to meditate in the past and now I am. Or, maybe it is just a better product. Either way, I am loving it.

Expectful is geared toward women who are trying to conceive or are already pregnant. There is a variety of 10 and 20-minute meditations to choose from for different parts of the day. There is a $10/month fee following their 2-week free trial, but I am finding it totally worth the cost. Their web page even has additional resources including a blog and podcast that you can check out.

The biggest CON? It is only available for iPhone, so us android users need to use the actual website. I find this annoying, but it hasn’t really been inconvenient. You can check it out for yourself at Expectful.

Sometimes I feel like 5 or 10-minutes out of my busy schedule is not attainable. I assure you, it is. Using it for self-care activity means that taking the 10-minutes now will likely save you time later in stress-coping activities. 10-minutes may leave you more focused and at ease, encouraging you to be more productive in a shorter amount of time. At least, that is one of the benefits of self-care that I notice in myself on a daily basis.

Check it out! If there are any other meditation or pregnancy apps that your are loving, leave a comment and I will check those out too!

Happy Wednesday Everyone!

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