The Mollie Chronicles

Week 33: Pregnancy Update


Oh my goodness, it has been a hot minute since I wrote ANYTHING about babies, pregnancy or our life in general. Apparently this is one of the days that falls away from my radar frequently.

It has been a whopping 12 weeks since my last update and man how things have changed! We got past the 20-week mark and have sailed right into the middle of the 3rd trimester. After being full of energy, working out nearly every day and feeling generally like myself, pregnancy hit me hard again a few weeks ago. Honestly, for awhile, I questioned whether or not I was actually pregnant. My belly wasn’t growing too much and I was able to do most of the activities I had always done. I was eating normally again and sleep wasn’t as much of a necessity.

However, entering about the 28-week mark, the exhaustion and decreased activity tolerance kicked themselves up a few notches and got me back in check. Truth: I AM pregnant and baby is growing like a stinken’ weed! Obviously, I didn’t actually forget about my child. But I am certain I am not the first mama to walk by a window or mirror and think, “who’s that pregnant lady? And where did that belly come from?”.

This trimester has been full of additional firsts like feeling the baby stretch and hiccup, daddy feeling baby’s movement and getting used to not sleeping on my back AT ALL due to instantaneous feelings of lightheaded-ness and near-vomiting. I can no longer bend over without getting short of breath and no longer fit in the little spaces I used to. The belly just simply won’t. It can’t even. I am also in a constant state of hunger, my feet ache at the end of a workday and I am ready for bed most days before 9 pm. Oh, and getting up at 5 for work? Not. Happening. I am most confident this child is going to be just like its dad. Stays up late…sleeps in. Very unlike its early-bird mama.

We’ve spent this week really sprucing up the baby’s room and it is pretty well completed. We got an original canvas painting on our ventures to London this spring that fits perfectly in a child’s room. I really pulls the room together 😉 Now that school is on break I have also been able to slowly tackle my seemingly mile-long list of things to do before the baby arrives. Do they have to be done? Absolutely not. Will my life be a bit easier if they are? Definitely.

I am also trying to cherish these last few weeks a lot more. I look back and feel like the entire pregnancy zipped by in an instant. With school, work and vacation, it feels like I missed out on spending some precious time bonding with our babe. So I am doing it now. Reading more. Sitting more. Feeling Baby O.’s movements. Stressing and pressuring myself less. Walking more. Doing more yoga. Essentially spending time doing things I really enjoy both alone and with my family and friends. This time is precious and it will be gone in the blink of an eye. I want everyone I love to be as much a part of this experience as they can. It will be over so soon. 

Our baby shower is this weekend and I am so looking forward to celebrating our little one!

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