The Mollie Chronicles

Pregnancy: Breech Baby

Week 35 Update!

Baby O. has decided to be a breech baby. At least for now. According to my ultrasound earlier this week he/she is butt down, with legs and head up. In other words, frank breech. Now, I do still have some time for baby to turn back around and I have definitely heard of babies getting into the head-down position just before labor. However, it is unlikely at this point of gestation and becomes even more unlikely as more time passes.

Most providers are not comfortable delivering a breech baby vaginally and recommend a c-section. Oddly enough, this is the one thing I have been trying to avoid and worrying about the entire pregnancy. Now, I may not get a choice in the matter unless baby decided to turn around. My need to control is definitely being pushed and I am learning a heck of a lot of patience. Some providers will deliver breech babies vaginally, but most will not. The risk is too high and c-section is recommended.

The risk with a breech delivery is that baby’s head is delivered last, making the progress of labor more difficult, increasing the risk of needing to use forceps and increasing the risk of the umbilical cord being squeezed too tightly, limiting oxygen that can be delivered to baby during any already stressful process. Not good.

So, I am doing whatever I can to help our little one turn around. I have one week to try on my own and then the OB will attempt an external maneuver to turn the baby manually from the outside of my uterus. It is non-invasive, but I hear can be pretty uncomfortable.

In an attempt to get baby to move on my own, I am:

  • Doing chiropractic care, specifically the Webster technique. According to the American Pregnancy Association, this approach has been successful at turning a breech baby around 82% of the time.
  • Getting regular osteopathic manipulative medicine treatments. The idea here being that if the pelvic is aligned, baby is more likely to find his/her way to the preferred position for delivery.
  • Taking to the Water. I am trying some handstands and somersaults in the pool, encouraging baby to come out of my pelvis and have a chance to turn around. Plus, water aerobics is actually kind of fun and it’s super hot outside right now.
  • Using some positions from Spinning Babies. Again, the idea here being that baby will be able to maneuver out of the pelvis and turn themselves around.

Even if these techniques don’t work, I have heard that they can make the external manipulation of baby easier. Here’s hoping!!

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