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Me Before You

OMG. This book.

me before you

I’m not usually one for romantic, girly novels. I usually prefer something more non-fiction, a murder mystery or something post-apocalyptic. However, my sister-in-law basically put this one in my bag about a month ago and told me I had to read it. So, sure enough, after last month’s book I finally got started. For real, I can’t put this book down. I actively have to make myself shut it and go to sleep. Maybe I am just a super girly love-struck gal who digs a good love story…

I am sure you have all seen the trailer for this book-turned-movie. I have not had the pleasure of seeing the movie yet, buy I really try to make a conscious effort to read books before spoiling them with a movie. There is often so much more detail on the pages.

So far, all I know is that this book follows a young gal in her 20s, Lou, as she finds a new job as a companion for a quadriplegic, Will. At first, he is very reluctant to her existence and many times, down-right rude. Obviously, he is coping with something un-imaginable, as this is not at all how he would have pictured his life. The book follows their interactions; good, bad and funny, and the characters start to learn a lot about themselves. I constantly want to know what will happen next and where this new companionship is going.

I’m only 70 pages in, but I am telling you, this book is worth picking up. Especially if you are looking for a quick novel-world to really dive into.

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